Q Headphones


 ROLE : Design | Storyboard | Character Design | Modeling |  Animation | Compositing | Editing

Q Headphones that can automatically choose a song based on your mood. —

The whole concept of the brand is to reflect how music can influence your mood and how your mood can be a reflection of your character.


This project was my grad project from VFS, on the project I would like to go to the uncomfortable area by do something I have not done before  and challenged myself by decided working on 3D character animation  and I did all the process ( you can see my case study) such as character design, storyboard, modeling, animation, compositing except gigging character, get helping by Kai Pedersen  ( he was my mentor for the grad project)


This work has been “pinned” as a source of inspiration in a number of personal blogs and websites showcasing various motion design works:

From Up North, Motion Graphic Trend, Digital Canvas

and many more.


Q sketch01


Q sketch02 Q sketch04

Q logo develop1-01

Q headphones logo+guide Q headphones LOGO final





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December 08, 2013